THe book

The Tower of Blue is a contemporary fantasy-fiction, coming-of-age adventure story that touches on themes of family, growing up and letting go. For the past sixteen years, Arnold Blue has been kept sheltered from the world around him. After he uncovers a terrible truth that leaves him questioning the reality of the last few years of his life, he embarks on a journey to discover the world for himself. Along the way, Arnold’s struggle to coexist with the Tower, a fifteen-foot tall collection of everything he and his family have ever owned, will test his resolve to let go of his bitter past. With the shadow of days gone by fading with every step, Arnold will have to confront his old memories on the way toward a better future, and decide what, if anything, is worth holding on to.

“On their own, words hold an immense power, but no words hold more power than those of a parent.”
— The Tower of Blue