The book

For his entire life, Arnold Blue has been kept sheltered from the world around him. He has no hobbies, no friends and isn’t particularly close with his family. Instead, he spends most of his time daydreaming of being someone else, a person brave enough to do all the things he is too afraid to do; make friends, try new things, even approach girls. All of his shortcomings will be rendered meaningless however, when Arnold uncovers a terrible truth that hits very close to home. It leaves him questioning everything he thinks is real and ignites a fire inside him.

Feeling angry, bitter, and confused, Arnold runs away and embarks on a journey to discover the world for himself. Along the way, he will befriend the Tower, a fifteen-foot tall collection of everything he and his family have ever owned. His struggle to coexist with the Tower, his only means of support in an unknown world, will test his resolve to let go of his bitter past and move forward. On his epic journey of self-discovery, Arnold will have to confront his old memories on the way toward a better future, and decide what, if anything, is worth holding on to in his new life.

“On their own, words hold an immense power, but no words hold more power than those of a parent.”
— The Tower of Blue

Join Arnold as he learns what he is truly capable of on his own.

Set in a contemporary fantasy world, The Tower of Blue is a story for anyone who has ever struggled to find their voice or felt like it didn’t matter. It explores themes of fractured family dynamics, growing up alone, and letting go of old habits.

Readers who love character-driven, coming-of-age stories will enjoy this novel.