The best laid plans

Editing is tough work. Nobody can deny that. But, it's very important work. In this writers opinion, it's the difference between an idea and a plan. An idea can take you as far as you can imagine, but a plan can take you as far as the end goal. Editing is the necessary evil that I think every writer has to confront at one point or another. And for me, it's a beast I've been fighting for quite some time.

For the past year I've been hard at work doing just that; taking the ideas, characters, plotlines and backstories I've written and hacking away at them with a hammer and chisel. It's been a very grueling process and it's made even harder when the editing process involves professionals who are doing the critiquing. It's been a test of patience and commitment, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

That's what I keep telling myself. When I read a bit of feedback that challenges my preferred method of storytelling or I'm told that I'm flat out doing it wrong, it takes a toll. It's verbal blood, sweat and tears.

I'm almost there, and all the feedback and editing are in service of creating a better finished product than I could have ever imagined.

It's all part of the plan.


If you have or are currently in the process of editing your own work, what's your experience been like? I'd love for you to share it!

Originally posted August 22nd 2018